A Few Fun Dark Chocolate Facts

Did you know that dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health? Made from the seed of the cacao tree, it is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet.⠀

Dark chocolate is rich in cacao solids, which contain compounds known as flavanols. At high levels, cacao flavanols have been shown to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve cognition and possibly lower the risk of diabetes!

Dark chocolate has the highest amount of cacao flavanols, while milk chocolate has way less & white chocolate has none.

Cacao powder also is loaded with minerals- including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.⠀

Shoot for a percentage of at least 70% cacao. The higher the percentage, the more flavanols and the less sugar and fat. ⠀

BUT! Just like anything, it is best In moderation! It is said to keep it at about 1oz (or 150 cals) of dark chocolate daily.⠀

So, for me, if I’m craving a little chocolate, I have 2-3 little squares with a side of strawberries or raspberries. The sweetness of the berries balances soooo perfectly with the slightly bitter cacao. 🙂 Give it a try!

My favorite is this one from Trader Joes! This little package contains t h r e e  -85%- dark chocolate bars for a whopping $1.99! Holla

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